Tired of getting that crappy job in the summer? Feel restless because you are being micro managed on even the simplest of tasks? Then  work at a startup. I am currently a financial consultant for a London based mobile gaming startup, Slightly Social, and am loving the experience. I turned down a number of higher […]


Hey all! Sorry for the little gap of posts, it’s been very busy figuring out my possible degree routes as well as learning all I need for my new project. In this post I want to question educational values and see what u think. Maybe give input and help me out a bit and share […]

It is obvious of the information revolution over the past decade and a bit. More and more companies are realizing the potential the internet, and in particular, has to offer. But why is this so? Anyone can make a Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter account, so why is it a benefit? The simple answer: identity. You […]

Can convention find it’s way into an entrepreneurial setting? (ye, im leading strong today :P). Many people in my experiences dont think so. That a rigid structure is the end of a startup. One that deters creativity and binds the entrepreneurs in a set of steps and never growing from it. However, today I got […]

  Hey there! It’s been alittle while since I’ve updated. It’s been alittle busy with the new year beginning so in all the hustle and bustle Im back! In this post I really wanted to talk about idea pitching, pivoting,and specifically, an idea I had been tinkering with. I currently am upgrading my programming skills, I had one […]

I turned 21 just over a month ago and am a year and a half from graduation, pending. I find myself planning ahead alot and not living in the moment. This year I plan on doing detailed short term and achievable goals that will help outline my long term flexible ones. Generally, I want a […]